Early Childhood Care & Development Program (ECCDP)

Early Childhood Care & Development Programme is considered as a foundational stage in the ladder of life stage based interventions of our organization. Thus, it focuses on the essential supports a young child needs to survive and thrive in life as well as the supports a family & community need to promote children’s healthy development & growth. The program works on enrolled DEV infants & young children aged between 0-5 years (under 5children, including prenatal cares to mothers). The ECCDP interventions mainly focus on child health & Nutrition, safe motherhood & Neonatal health, Psychosocial & Cognitive development, and families Income generation activities (IGAs).

Basic Education Program

Basic Education Program is one of the sponsorship programs financed by ChildFund Ethiopia and the program works on enrolled DEV children between the ages 6-14 years old. The major objectives/key intervention areas of the program are creating responsive parents and caregivers, promoting community leadership for effective learning, Quality, inclusive formal and ABE, Life skills for wellbeing, Successful transition in education and creating access to health services, Safe learning environment, Positive engagement of Children, youth and adolescents, Effective community based child protection mechanisms.

Youth development Program

DCFCO defines youth as persons between 15-24 years. Based on the need for youth in this age range, the organization is working to achieve three major objectives. The major objectives or key intervention areas are; to enhance livelihood education and preparation, promote youth-friendly reproductive health services and education, and promote youth leadership and social engagement.

Besides its sponsorship programs, DCFCO runs different short term and medium scale grant projects mainly to realize its dream of creating productive and resilient children and communities.

Grant Projects

Building Child Friendly Resilience - BCR

The overall objective of BCR (Building Child Friendly Resilience) project is to enhance resilience of vulnerable households, communities and children affected by cyclic droughts. The project has passed through two phases for the last 18 months and by now on 6 months transition period for the 3rd phase. Barnfonden-Sweden is financing the project through ChildFund Ethiopia.

Integrated Family-based Economic Strengthening and Environmental Protection project- BMZ

BMZ is donated by Ministry of German Economic Development cooperation. The project aims to contribute to sustainable use of the natural resource bases, improved food security and nutritional status, and increased income from on-farm and off-farm activities through an effective natural resource management and diversified livelihood activities. 200 Vulnerable poor women, as main target groups of this project, will be supported to establish an alternative livelihood by engaging them in income generating activities.

Caring for Vulnerable Children Activities - CVC

Dugda Children’s and Family Charitable organization is contented to present this proposal for USAID/HIV Epidemic Control through delivery of high impact orphan and vulnerable service project to be implemented commencing July 1, 2019 to 30 September, 2020. The goal of the project is to achieve Local HIV epidemic control through delivery of high impact community-based HIV prevention, treatment and OVC services. The target beneficiaries are 18,836 in Cop 19 and 17,677 for Cop 2020 Vulnerable Children and 10,258 total caregivers to be serves in Oromia Regional state of Dugda Woreda, Adama and Asella Towns.

To achieve the project goal, DCFCO will accomplish the following four key results areas: a) Government structures have the capacity to facilitate high quality service .b) Parents and care givers have the capacity to access service c) High quality developmentally appropriate service are available to orphans and Vulnerable children’s. d) High quality service is available to “hard to Reach “Orphan and Vulnerable.

Youth Economic Empowerment Project phase II(YEEP II)

Youth Economic Empowerment Project (YEEP II) is active from (March 01, 2108, to December 31, 2020) and it is financed by Barnfonden-Sweden. The main objective of the project is to create self-employment opportunities for 250 disadvantaged youth (of which 50% are females) in six kebeles of Dugda Woreda. The project achieves this through working on youth mental readiness, access to physical assets(working kits and capital) and strengthening the responsiveness level of the service providers, and creating youth-friendly and enabling environment. Accordingly, target youth are engaged in poultry management, cattle fattening, milk collection & processing, and tailoring.